Why There Isn’t a “Boy Meets World” Rewatch Podcast Without Ben Savage

Ben Savage had the lead role in the ABC comedy “Boy Meets World,” which ran from 1993 to 2000 as part of “TGIF,” but he has no plans to watch the old episodes with his former co-stars.

Deanna Fishel

The show’s Topanga, Eric, and Shawn actors Will Friedle and Rider Strong debuted “Pod Meets World,” an iHeartRadio revisit podcast, on June 27.

During the first episode, “TGI-Happening,” Fishel explained why the show’s leading man isn’t part of the project.

“Ben Savage is acting alone. He produces movies for Lifetime. He is busy. He should have been a part of the programme, in our opinion. She said of the actor who starred in all 158 episodes of “Boy Meets World” and all 72 episodes of the Disney Channel sequel, “Girl Meets World,” that “We invited him to be a part of the programme.”

Fishel stated that after going to a fan event in 2018, the three co-stars started talking about starting a podcast.

She recounted that when they first brought it up with Ben, he responded, “I’m not sure that’s really my thing,” and that they followed up with him again after attending a few meetings to confirm that he was still against it. “We have honoured his statement that “it simply just is not my thing. He’s not into that. Ben is absent because of this.


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In addition to welcoming William Daniels, Trina McGee, Betsy Randle, William “Rusty” Russ, Maitland Ward, and Matthew Lawrence as guests, the group intends to rewatch the entire series.

The three hosts stated that they had quite distinct connections to the show during the premiere episode. Fishel and Friedle watched the entire series while it was aired, but they haven’t seen it since; however, Strong has only ever seen four or five episodes and is currently rewatching it with his kid, age 7.

Strong discussed how he clicked with Friedle right away after meeting her at auditions, but it took a few episodes for him to start developing a genuine relationship with Savage.

Ben was quite interested in sports, but I wasn’t. He added that in several of the early episodes, he frequently expressed a desire to play basketball with the other youngsters. Ben put in a lot of work. He appeared in each scene, which is a lot for a child! He would then be gone. He seemed quite distant. He had mostly into his own universe. He was busy working, learning his lines, and attending school, as I recall. He was really Hollywood royalty to us at that time. The Wonder Years, a programme starring his brother

was very popular. More than any of us, he was the one who understood what we were doing.

Additionally, he said that “Boy Meets World” originally focused on the Matthews family rather than a school, and Strong was the family’s best friend rather than a member. Of course, it transformed into a lot more.


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