Why Is This Former NBA Player Shaming Kendall Jenner ?


Kendall Jenner Former pro basketball player Andrew Bogut isn’t making many friends in the reality TV or supermodel communities at this point…

The 37-year-old ex-NBA star took to Twitter last week following the conclusion of the NBA Draft when he made an off-color and out-of-bounds remark about Kendall Jenner. And now, the Australian basketball star is getting an earful about his comments online from Kenny’s fans and supporters!

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Of course, the 26-year-old model recently split from another NBA star25-year-old Phoenix Suns stud Devin Booker. And for some reason, that breakup was on Bogut’s mind when it came time to tweet late last week.

Bogut wrote that Kendall has a “habit of endless self promotion” and her “body has been banged up” in a crass initial tweet about the Kardashians star:

“With the 2022 @NBA draft completion yesterday, one big name has yet to find a home. Which team will snap up @KendallJenner?? Solid talent, versatile. [Question] marks around team culture + habit of endless self promotion. Doctors will need to do medical as body has been banged up.”

Here is the former Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors star’s initial tweet from a few days ago:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he doubled down!

On Tuesday night, the Melbourne native quote-tweeted out a fake apology, starting out by stating that he wanted to “formally apologize” for his words. Great, right? Not exactly.

Quickly, the message went right back into the gutter:

“I would like to formally apologize for this tweet. My scout take forgot to include the elite level of rebounding. I will do better in the future.”


As they had every right to do after that insensitivity, Kendall’s fans and followers took to the social network to blast Bogut for his terrible takes!

Here are just a few of the super-spicy reactions to Andrew’s online antics and straight-up slut-shaming (below)

“Mmmh… Another hungry for one minute of fame lol”

“This is an awful way to speak about a woman.”

“This is hella weird ngl”

“Have you looked in the mirror, dude? It won’t be you or your team…”

“Trying hard to stay relevant I see.”

“How have you not deleted this tweet yet?”

“why the need for this much hostility and slender can’t young successful people just live there lives as they see fit?”

“let her date whoever she likes lmao. what’s so funny with her dating a lot NBA players”

“I’m not going to lie this is hilarious”


Of all the things to poke fun at Kenny about, this just sucked. Remember the unforgettable cucumber incident?! Or how about her infamous awful Pepsi ad?! No need to resort to unimaginative and unfunny old sex-shaming tactics.


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