When Khushi Kapoor makes her Janhvi Kapoor supports her

Janhvi Kapoor sister Khushi Kapoor will soon have her Bollywood Debut Zoya Akhtar‘Archie’. Sister is very proud of her because Khushi has been working hard and preparing for it.

When Khushi Kapoor makes her Bollywood debut, Janhvi Kapoor supports her and adds, “she’s really industrious”

In an interview with India Today, Janhvi Kapoor was asked how she felt about her sister’s debut, and the actress said she was very happy and excited. Janhvi shared that she briefly visited their outdoor shoot and revealed that their energy was so pure she felt like they were making something that came from the heart and that people would love. She also added that all the children are very talented and hard working.

The “Dadak” actress also revealed that during the audition process for the role, her sister was seen working tirelessly and very hard. “She wants this so badly, I’m happy for her and I hope everything goes well”.

In an earlier interview with ETimes, Janhvi was asked how she’s coping with her upcoming stardom and fame. The actress shared and admitted she wasn’t delusional about it. “A lot of my attention and recognition is first and foremost because of who my parents are. I think there’s a lot of clarity and identification, and I’m not delusional and think I’ve earned it all, or that I even deserve it.”

She added: “But now I have. Janhvi Kapoor And I think what I want to do with it is good work. Because I love what I do. So privilege and trolls on social media and all that is secondary. “My priority and focus is to really hone my craft and give it my all.”

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