Suspense and intrigue abound throughout Vikrant Rona, while Kicha Sudeep displayed outstanding performance.

The movie Vikrant Rona, directed by Kichcha Sudeep, has been shown in theatres.

How much of a stir is Daitya's identity that Josie is tracking these signs, asks Vikrant Rona. In the movie, Kicha Sudeep plays the lead character of Vikrant Rona, while Fernandes plays 

Story : Since the plot of this movie is a mystery, nothing can be said about it. Inspector Vikrant Rona travels to a village to investigate a weird incident that is happening there,

Acting : The entire movie is dominated by Kichcha Sudeep. He looks incredibly elegant from the moment he walks in till the moment he leaves. Sudeep has a stunning appearance 

In the movie, Jacqueline Fernandez has a little role. It is incomprehensible why she was portrayed as the movie's heroine despite having a scene and a song. Nirup Bhandari's 

The movie's first half moves slowly, and sometimes it is difficult to follow what is happening. Why is the village constantly in the dark? Is nighttime shooting the norm? 

However, several horror moments are written so that you feel frightened and uneasy throughout the intermission. After this, the movie's plot is full of suspense and you don't even get

The movie's plot has so many facets that you have to pay attention and observe it, or in other words, utilise your brain. However, the movie's soundtrack drags out the

The action is fine.. Nothing like this is new but the life of the film is its suspense. The movie was directed by Anoop Bhandari, and he did a terrific job. He has succeeded in holding the crowd's