Never have i ever season 3 | Never have i ever : Dating Paxton Doesn’t Solve All of Devi’s Problems Did we discover being in a relationship doesn’t solve all of our problems?

At the end of “Never have i ever season 3” second season,Never have i ever  Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) finally got together with her longtime crush,Hall-Yoshida Paxton (Darren Barnet) 

The third instalment of the Mindy Kaling series has a new trailer, and in it, Devi and Paxton are now Daxton, and everyone at school is talking about their relationship. 

Devi is first ecstatic that "people now dislike [her] because of [her] social status has surged so high," 

My face looks so calm, she exclaims. Oh my gosh, so that's why celebrities age more gracefully. But later, she starts to feel dizzy from all the attention. 

'She's dying, isn't she? It's similar to the "deathbed, final wishes" concept. Devi overhears a student making assumptions about Devi 

and Paxton's connection. Another person suggests, "Maybe she's simply a massive slut."  August 12 marks the return of "Never Have I Ever" on Netflix. Also included is Ramona Young.

Did we learn that being in a relationship doesn't fix all of our problems? asks her therapist (Niecy Nash)