Jason Momoa was involved | In a terrifying head-on collision in Los Angeles,

In a terrifying head-on collision in Los Angeles, Jason Momoa was involved!

Oh no! Jason Momoa, according to TMZ, was engaged in a terrifying automobile accident with a motorbike over the weekend. 

The 42-year-old actor was reportedly going on Old Topanga Canyon Road close to the Calabasas neighbourhood

on Sunday when a motorcycle heading in the other way abruptly entered his lane while coming around a curve, according to the website. 

The driver ultimately collided with Jason's Oldsmobile muscle car's left front end, bounced off the Aquaman actor's windshield, and rolled over the hood.

Thankfully, the rider was able to land on his feet. They were transported to the hospital with only minor injuries

including bruising on their leg and some sort of injury to their thumb. But beyond that, TMZ reports that the person is doing alright.