Uddhav Thackeray On What Took Place At The Airport, Rebel Shiv Sena MLAs

Uddhav Thackeray team has asked to disqualify 16 rebel Shiv Sena MLAs


Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray strongly condemned his party’s MLA, Eknath Shinde and 21 other rebels for sneaking out of Mumbai on Monday night in a late-night open teleconference with reporters and the public, ending up in a Five-star hotels surfaced on the way away from home in Guwahati, Assam. The number of rebel MLAs has grown to nearly 40 since “running away” on Monday night.

Mr Thackeray said Senna’s allies, the National Party (NCP) and Congress, were united, but it was what hurt him the most stab yourself in the back”We ourselves have been stabbed in the back,” Mr Thackeray said, referring to how Senna’s MLA smuggled in from Mumbai to Surat on Monday night.

The severity of the crisis was laid bare the next night when the rebels’ priorities emerged at Surat airport, preparing to travel to Guwahati in the BJP-ruled state of Assam. They were hastily escorted by the Gujarat police. Once in Guwahati, they were escorted all the way to the hotel by the state police.

“NDTV has shown you what’s going on at the airport…they don’t have two-thirds of the numbers, so they’re going to be disqualified. They depend on the BJP,” Mr Thackeray said on Friday night’s Zoom said on the phone.

The rebels’ 196-room five-star hotel in Guwahati is still fully booked within a week, suggesting the focus is on the long-term.

But sources said the Maharashtra deputy speaker may issue disqualification notices to 16 rebel MLAs, including Mr Sind, as demanded by Thackeray’s team, and a lawsuit that may take place on Monday demands. Insurgent work focuses on Mumbai.

The Thackeray team is unlikely to seek more rebellious MLA disqualifications, as that would cut the score in half, which would benefit BJP. Senna’s approach appears to have been to disqualify some rebels to prevent others from facing elections, thereby forcing their return from Assam.


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