The Truth Regarding Lionel Messi Wife Antonela Roccuzzo

The Truth Regarding Lionel Messi's Wife Alessandra Roccuzzo
The Truth Regarding Lionel Messi’s Wife Alessandra Roccuzzo


Antonela Roccuzzo is a model and health enthusiast in her own right, despite the fact that her connection with Lionel Messi propelled her into the spotlight early on. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia claims. Prior to securing a deal with the Argentine modelling agency Ricky Sarkany,

Roccuzzo first attended high school to study dentistry. In fact, The US Sun said that one of her go-to activities is boxing, which is evident from a quick glance at her Instagram page.

Up till now, Antonela Roccuzzo has collaborated with prestigious companies like Alo Yoga and Adidas by Stella McCartney. She has 20 million Instagram followers (and rising) to her name, so it appears that her career is on the rise.

According to The US Sun, Roccuzzo, like Messi, was born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, and it was there that she and the soccer player first met.

By courtesy of the BBC, the site reports that they announced their romance in 2008 and got married over ten years later in what Argentina’s Clarn newspaper dubbed “the marriage of the century.”

260 people attended the celebrity-studded event, including Messi’s famous colleagues Luis Suárez, Neymar, and Gerard Piqué, as well as Piqué’s ex-wife Shakira.

Many people were moved by Messi’s decision to marry Roccuzzo from their hometown despite his popularity allowing him access to any location on earth. While their wedding ceremony received media attention, this is the tale of It is far less generally known how they met. Antonela Roccuzzo 

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