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salman khan news : Some of the gimmicks in the movie barely make any sense, salman khan news and sometimes they end up looking unflattering rather than impressive.but this is not the case Salman KhanThe upcoming sequel to No Entry. title, No Entry, this ensemble comedy will not be one two three six, but ten heroines. This is what you call girl power.

An industry insider said electronic age The three male protagonists in the original 2005 film “Salman”, Anil Kapoor and Fadin Khan– There will be three characters, and it will take several actresses to pair up with their respective roles in the film. So, if the math is correct, each male lead will be three female leads, by virtue of their triple incarnations.

The same sources also gave us some less exciting news.The original film’s female cast may include bipa sabasu, Lara Dutta, Isadel and Serena Jaitley Probably not part of the sequel. salman khan news –The team at Salman Khan Films is working on retooling the same heroine team, but things are looking difficult at the moment.

No Entry Mein Entry is scheduled to go live in the last quarter of this year. So we still have time to wait and hope and pray we’ll see Lara, Bipasha, Esha and Celina back on the team. We’re also excited to see other actresses fill the rest of this cast. We’re sure it’s no joke to cast 10 leading ladies in an ensemble comedy.

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