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Shahid Kapoor and Nora Fatehi  When it comes to fan favorites, not many celebs like that kind of follower Shahid Kapoor and Nora Fatahi Yes, especially online. Another common factor between the two stars is their dancing ability. Perhaps, that’s why both stars enjoy a certain fan-favorite status that stems from their individual talents.Recently, Nora and Shahid performed together at an event before they started performing at Instagram.Speculation over Deepika Padukone’s appearance in “Brahmastra” among fans : See images | Hindi Movie News

While it might just be a random incident between two colleagues, netizens are starting to speculate if there are more deals. Immediately some fans began to speculate whether Nora and Shaheed would work together on a project. One user even commented that “they should make a movie together” and another said “yes, excited for Shahid Kapoor and Nora”. Others praised the video of their performance at the event, saying, “Wow…Shahid and Nora in one frame…two best dancers in one frame”, another fan commented, ” ommgggg they are amazing together”.Anushka Sharma will travel to the UK for “Chakda Xpress” filming next month | Hindi Movie News

The banter and camaraderie of Shahid and Nora in the dance rehearsal video really got fans excited. We’ll wait and see if there are any upcoming projects for these two dancers. We’d say a dance movie through and through would be the perfect opportunity to bring these two talented performers together.Dave Chappelle’s decision to decline a school honour is praised by Anthony Anderson as selfless.

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