“Seriously Red a Gracie Otto Dolly Parton impersonator

"Seriously Red a Gracie Otto Dolly Parton impersonator
“Seriously Red a Gracie Otto Dolly Parton impersonator


Dolly Parton In the movie “Seriously Red,” a lady who is sick of working “9 to 5” in real estate decides to try her luck as a Dolly Parton imitation. The musical by Gracie Otto’s rights were just acquired by Gravitas Ventures in North America. According to Deadline, the movie, which had its world debut at SXSW earlier this year, is set for a 2023 release.“Seriously Red a Gracie Otto Dolly Parton impersonator  

Red (Krew Boylan, “The Secrets She Keeps”) is the protagonist of the film “Seriously Red,” which tells the tale of how she misreads the dress code for her work party and subsequently “tumbles outta bed into a new world of tribute artists and impersonators in her wild and messy journey that includes romancing a Kenny Rogers impersonator. The source jokes, “Red must lose herself to find herself.

Songs from Parton’s earlier catalogue are used on Boylan’s composition “Seriously Red.” “Physical’s” A Dolly Parton impersonator is produced and portrayed in the film by Rose Byrne.

“Krew Boylan’s great writing was without a doubt the draw card for me,” Otto stated.

She has always been my favourite actor because she has such incredible physical humour and really hits the right emotional notes. I thought the premise was so original and had the potential to be conveyed in a way that was genuinely captivating. Since moving back to Australia, I’ve developed a fondness for the 1990s Australian cinematic Golden Age, including “Muriel’s Wedding,” and I believed “Seriously Red” had the potential to continue that legacy.

Otto, who is also associated with the SXSW documentary “Under the Volcano,” said of the acquisition, “We’re happy to show the film to North American audiences with Gravitas Ventures, who share our excitement for music and the icon herself, Dolly Parton.”

At Gravitas Ventures, Bill Guentzler, Senior Director of Acquisitions, added. An intimate, personalised, and belly-laugh-inducing comedy like “Seriously Red” shows how sometimes it’s necessary to pretend to be someone else in order to discover your true self. Dolly Parton, who will shortly be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is represented by some of her greatest hits. This film will be available on VOD and in theatres through Gravitas in the start of 2019. The movie will undoubtedly be adored by spectators, and

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