Lisa Rinna apologises to those she “raged on” in IG rants and attributes it to “grief” after the passing of her mother Lois.


Speaking up about her recent internet activity is Lisa Rinna.


Lisa Rinna : The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress and some members of the Real Housewives of Dubai cast have been at odds, as we’ve previously reported. Garcelle Beauvais, the sole Black lead on RHOBH, criticised newcomer Diana Jenkins for being “uneducated” over a “racially offensive” comment she made toward another Black lady on Instagram last month. This is when everything became heated. Lisa made the decision to intervene when Diana hit back at her co-star and posted on Instagram:

We fight on our programme, and if we fight Garcelle Beauvais, we are immediately labelled as racists. That is nonsense. That is unacceptable to me. I won’t hold back when it comes to expressing myself, and I don’t fear any of you hoes. And if our programme has just so offended you, as many of you p**sies have, go watch Dubai.Hallelujah : Leonard Cohen, A Journey A Song is today’s selection.

At that point, Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, and Lesa Milan of RHODubai retaliated against Lisa for including their programme in her conflict. Nevertheless, the former cast member of Melrose Place remained adamant and urged the women to “bring the type of enthusiasm you just gave to me, to your show.” Damn!

Lisa chose to apologise for her actions after receiving criticism from fans for singling out a cast made up primarily of women of colour, blaming them on the grief she has been experiencing after the loss of her mother Lois. In case you didn’t know, her mother had a stroke a few days before she died in November. The 58-year-old published a quotation about “grief” in a since-deleted Instagram post that read:

Grief never goes away. But things alter. It’s not a place to stay; it’s a journey. Grief does not indicate lack of strength or faith. It represents the cost of love.

She continued to write in the caption after that without mentioning any names:

“I’ve had a pretty difficult time, and I think you can tell how badly this has affected me. Since it actually has nothing to do with any of you, I apologise if I got angry at you.

Lisa said she had “never believed” the loss she had been experiencing would go beyond “sadness and agony,” adding:

“I am truly having trouble; I just never expected it to feel this way, but here it is. My mother’s passing has deeply hurt me.

The mother of two closed the message by thanking everyone for their “patience,” “love, and support” throughout this period:

I understand that it’s difficult for me to feel well right now, but I’ll get through it and, perhaps, emerge stronger and better.

While Caroline may not be very pleased by the post, Lisa may feel bad over her previous misdeeds. In response, the television personality stated the following in an interview with E! News on Wednesday:

“I was startled that she chose to take that approach in her apology rather than being more forthright and saying, ‘I messed up.’ However, it may be grief. She may be mourning, but I can’t say for sure. I did read the apology, though, and it wasn’t very clear. She could have aimed it at the individuals she upset.

She recognised Lisa at least “acknowledged her fault” and shown “a little amount of improvement,” despite her “very generic remark.” Caroline went on to say

She shouldn’t just go about insulting people she doesn’t know, so I hope she’s being sincere and that she really means it. It is cruel and not at all kind. And we completely mishandled it.

Well! Hopefully Lisa has realised her mistakes. What are you, Perezcious readers, to make of her apology? Tell us in the comments section below!

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