Jen Shah : Husband May Have To Pay Her $9 Million Restitution After Guilty Plea!

Jen Shah's Husband May Have To Pay Her $9 Million Restitution After Guilty Plea!
Jen Shah’s Husband May Have To Pay Her $9 Million Restitution After Guilty Plea!


Jen Shah After admitting guilt to accusations of fraud, Jen Shah is now subject to harsh legal repercussions, but she’s not the only one!

Following her shocking admission earlier this week that she was responsible for a telemarketing scam targeted at older persons, the reality TV star now faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail. And right now, we’re finding out more about how Sharrieff Shah, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, may be forced to foot the bill for up to $9 million in Jen’s case’s reparation payments. OUCH!!!

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Former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Emily D. Baker was questioned by the public on the case, and the legal professional had some fascinating things to say. Following the RHOSLC star’s agreement to forfeit more than $6 million and pay $9 million more in restitution, Baker shared her general knowledge with charges like this and stressed that a lot is on the line.

The legal analyst disclosed that the forfeiture itself can be a difficult process:

“The forfeiture comes first. The forfeiture permits the use of alternative assets. Any property she has can thus be confiscated to the government in order to pay the $6.5 million penalty. That also depends on how much was taken during the search warrant execution because they had the legal power to seize money, property, and other things of that nature.

Baker also considered the potential that the take-back procedure by the government could have already begun:

“So, the government might already have some money or property of hers.”


It’s critical to keep in mind that there is a second party involved. Stuart Smith, Jen’s assistant, also entered a guilty plea for his part in the telemarketing fraud. Baker speculates that the government may have already seized some of his assets to cover a portion of the total:

They said that depending on whether restitution is made, she may be held jointly and separately accountable for portion of it alongside Stuart. So, there might be a divide.

Baker added that until they receive the forfeiture back, the government would not relent:

They may be held jointly and severally liable together, which would be quite fascinating since it would lower it, according to a humorous sentence in the plea agreement. There isn’t much she can do, though, if she is unable to pay. They have the right to garnish any income, and it will always be there. They can profit from her book, if she publishes one. So they can pursue any revenue once the forfeiture is completed.


Now, about that restitution…

The government’s strategies for getting paid, according to Baker, include going for “marriage property.” Thus, Sharrieff, a football coach at the University of Utah, is involved, at least in terms of paying the appropriate restitution:

“Yes, anything [that they own together] might be his income and things like that. The majority of goods will be regarded as marital property, therefore absolutely. This is what they owe. He won’t be able to possess marital property that might not potentially be attached to pay this reparation, even though it is in her name.

Wow! And even if the couple wanted to get a divorce in light of this, Baker speculates that it “wouldn’t matter” since Sharrieff may still be held accountable.

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So, at least in the opinion of this legal professional, it appears like the administration is committed to obtaining justice. And it looks as though things could just get much rougher for the pair, who have been married since 1994 and have two boys together, for a time.

At least one thing is obvious in this situation: don’t mess with the authorities.

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Are you all of that is fair? Should we be accountable for the criminal acts of the people we marry? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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