E. L. Star Sophia Grace Clears The Air Regarding Her Plastic Surgery History

Everybody ought to realize that Sophia Grace Brownlee has never had work done all over!

Sophia Grace : Theo Grace The 19-year-old, who alongside her cousin Rosie McClelland shot to distinction very early in life because of their viral appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as of late posted another video on her YouTube channel where she responded to a portion of the inquiries and reports her fans have been pondering her for a really long time. Which of the most relentless tales did her allies maintain that Sophia should dissipate? Whether or not she has at any point had a medical procedure or taken injectables. In the video, she gave her reaction, expressing:

“So somebody said, ‘from the get go, when I saw you via virtual entertainment, I thought you had plastic medical procedure, isn’t that right?’ No, I have no plastic medical procedure. I’ve presumably addressed this a considerable amount of times on my Instagram and on YouTube. So no, I haven’t had any plastic medical procedure.”

The internet based star said that the most regular misconception about her look she experiences via online entertainment is that her lips have been changed, yet she asserts she has never had them done:

“The principal remark that individuals think the fundamental medical procedure individuals think I’ve had is my lips done. All in all, I truly don’t think my lips look that huge. Perhaps I haven’t underlined them however much I as a rule do today. In any case, I’ve never had lip fillers. I wouldn’t be keen on getting lip fillers.”

Sophia recognized that she could later change her psyche, yet for now, she doesn’t want plastic medical procedure:

“I can never say that I wouldn’t get a medical procedure in the future since you won’t ever be aware. For the present, I truly need no a medical procedure. I don’t feel like I want it. However, clearly, certain individuals do, and that is totally fine.”

Also, for what reason does she accept her admirers believe she’s had plastic medical procedure? The artist said that her beauty care products application is the key:

“Assuming I do, you know, have lips that look very full and enormous now and again, it’s in a real sense just cosmetics. Cosmetics is extremely strong and clearly I appear to be exceptionally unique without cosmetics to how I manage it, which the vast majority do. What’s more, better believe it so that is the motivation behind why perhaps individuals think it is on the grounds that I am very great at cosmetics and I’m very great at making my face look like perhaps I have had a medical procedure, despite the fact that I haven’t.”

That’s it, everybody! Look at her total video by tapping the connection beneath:


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