Dave Chappelle’s decision to decline a school honour is praised by Anthony Anderson as selfless.

Anthony Anderson There is support Dave ChappellThe decision to reject the honor from his high school alma mater, who was willing to name a building after him.

We got LAX AA on Tuesday, and he thinks Dave’s place is on with his moniker – the Duke Ellington School of the Arts – by thumbing down on plastering the building. After some controversy the school agreed to put Dave’s name right forward, but on Monday night he did Chose a different name … theater for artistic freedom and expression. NYC Mayor Endorses New Album by French Montana

Anthony believes Dave is a pioneer in the world of free speech, especially for comedians. Anthony admits … everyone has their own opinion and some disagree with what Dave said, and that’s right.

Dave made the reference while addressing the crowd on Monday Feedback from students On his special ‘The Closure’ … and said that it really hurt him.

For Anthony, our photo wanted to know what the name of the building would be if he received the same honor. Watch the clip … it’s funny.  Quavo makes a barbershop client leave his chair so he may enter first

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