As he mentions his deceased children in assembly, Eknath Shinde chokes up.

Eknath Shinde broke down in a rousing speech in the Maharashtra state assembly today, his first as chief minister after easily winning a confidence vote.

Eknath Shinde, in describing what he called the threat of revolt to his family, mentioned his two children, who had died and choked.

“They attacked my family… My father is alive and my mother is dead. I can’t give my parents much time. They sleep when I come, they go to work when I sleep. I can’t give my parents much Time for my son Shrikant. My two children died – Anand Dighe comforted me at the time. I used to think, what’s the point of being alive? I’m going to be with my family,” the chief minister said.

Mr. Shinde said Shiv Sena’s idol, Anand Dighe, told him to wipe away tears, as well as other people’s tears. “He helped me recover and made me the leader of Shiv Sena in the convention,” he said.

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