Alec Baldwin’s wife hilaria baldwin instagram alleges that “enemies” are attempting to “destroy” him.

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin alleges that "enemies" are attempting to "destroy" him.
Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria Baldwin alleges that “enemies” are attempting to “destroy” him.


With Alec Baldwin, hilaria baldwin instagram was open about the “darker” aspects of her life.

The 38-year-old former yoga instructor posted a picture of the pair snuggling up on a bed with his arms around her on Instagram on Wednesday. She also wrote a lengthy message in which she claimed that her husband’s enemies were out to harm him. What??? She started out by saying how “great” it has been to be by Alec’s side for more than ten years:

It has been a delight and an eye-opening experience to enter your world and become your person. How many lovely moments, encounters with amazing people, amazing adventures, and the formation of a family. I will always be thankful. Each day.


The message suddenly changed, though, as she mentioned the more challenging aspects of her relationship with the actor from 30 Rock, particularly how his notoriety has brought about a great deal of intense public scrutiny:

The more disturbing aspect is seeing how some of this ‘business’ operates behind closed doors as well as the risks and hardships that celebrities face when standing up for their values and doing good deeds. Enemies of these missions want to eliminate you in order to silence your voice and invalidate your mission. This strategy is as ancient as history, therefore it’s not new. But how simple it is today more than ever to disparage individuals, pick and choose, and put pieces of information together that are taken out of context,

‘opinions’, or complete fabrications. And how some people believe it or stay silent out of fear.”

Hilaria went on:

Alec, how often do you and I look at one other and say, “Dig deep, we’re in this together, keep going for the good of what we believe? We make a good team. How many times have I seen people approach you and express their gratitude for your support of the arts, your work with children, your efforts to protect the environment, and yes, as we all know, your politics? People can see how tenaciously you defend your moral convictions. And we are appreciative. Turn down the volume of the darkness and negativity as you pay attention to these voices.

The mother continued by mentioning that she, too, had to suffer with “dehumanisation” after receiving criticism from the public, particularly following the incident about her Spanish ancestry:

Away from the cinematic celebrity and public persona that people are so eager to elevate or execute, “I am the one that sees you in your low times…the human moments. My compassion for you is limitless… We unhappily reach the point when we ask ourselves, “How much more can one body and one mind endure before we crumble under the psychological torture?” since we have personally experienced the dehumanisation (another ancient method to go for the spouse of your opponent).

Hilaria concluded her letter to Alec by expressing her gratitude for utilising his voice for “good,” adding:

“I don’t know how any of our tales will finish, but I do know that while we are still here, I want you to know how much we notice you and value you. And we are aware that you are exerting much effort while making effective use of your prominent position. With your advantages, not everyone opts to go down this road. And we are aware of the difficulty. We are here for you to rely on and feel protected since so many people love you, AB.

Check out her post in its whole (below):

It’s unclear exactly to what she is alluding in this post. But as you are aware, the 64-year-old actor has a history of scandal and unsavoury conduct. In a 2007 voicemail that was released, he even called his daughter Ireland Baldwin a “rude, stupid pig.”

And of course, Alec has received a lot of attention in the past year since since he fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a fake gun on the Rust set. Alec has essentially laid the responsibility at everyone but himself despite being the target of several lawsuits about the incident, even at one time attributing some of the tragedy’s guilt to Halyna. mess up.

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