A child was welcomed by Elon Musk father Errol, 76, and his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout, 35.

He told the kid’s outlet, “I haven’t tested her DNA. She does, however, seem to resemble my various daughters. She resembles a cross between Rose and Tosca. She looks just like Rushi, and she or he acts just like him.

Therefore, it is fairly obvious that you are aware. Their 5-year-old son is known as “Rushi,” or Elliott Rush. Elon’s sister Tosca is the child of Errol and Maye Musk74.

As a reaction to The Solar Heide, Jana’s mother, and Errol were wed for about 20 years; during that time, they allegedly had two children together.

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He said that although Errol and Jana were living together when the second child was conceived, they are no longer doing so. She wasn’t intentionally doing it, Errol told the newspaper.

“However, I mean that we were dwelling together. After Rushi was born, she (Jana) stayed exactly here for approximately 18 months.

Errol continued by stating that having children with younger women might provide some difficulties. In the lengthy interview, he said, “However, I saw she’s two generations behind whereas her mom was one era behind when I married her.

“Therefore, if a guy marries a woman, even if you feel highly energised, it will be beneficial for a while. However, there is a huge void… And that gap leads to indicate itself.”

That doesn’t seem to have stopped him, though. He told the site in part, “The one thing we’re on Earth for is to breed. “If I could have one more child, I would. I don’t understand why not.

The comments highlight recently released details of Elon’s twin births in November with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis, increasing the tech CEO’s total number of children to 10 across many partnerships.

He said, after confirming the revelation to Page Six on July 7, “Bravo to huge families.”

Elon tweeted the same day, “Trying my best to help the underpopulation problem.” “By far, the most significant threat society confronts is a collapsing delivery charge.”

Elon also used social media to write. “I hope you could have huge households and congrats to these who already do!”

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